Slave To The Scale

Age 17, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA I hope I can forgive myself. I let my eating disorder control my life for too long. I never meant to hurt myself, but that’s what happened in the long run. I remember staying awake until three in the morning, counting how many calories I would eat and what exercises I had to do […]

No Excuse

Age 14,  Alabama, USA I called you my brothers; I looked up to you; I trusted you. I will never know why you chose to rape me the night before my fifteenth birthday and, after years of wondering why, I’ve finally accepted that. I blamed your intoxication for what you did, but as a recovering alcoholic […]

Without You

Age 15, Atlanta, Georgia, USA I’m sorry. Not only to myself but to him. I was constantly harming myself. I didn’t think anyone cared and I thought that I was worthless. I was too busy dealing with my anxiety and depression that I didn’t even realize something that was life-changing. My childhood best friend was […]

Be Your Own Savior

Age 14, Mesquite, Texas, USA Dear…Everyone, Including Myself, Nothing is better left unsaid. I am sorry because this is long overdue. I wish the words could pour from my fingertips in a beautiful way. I wish I could tell my story like that of an intellectual, while remaining pragmatic. I’m sorry because these words have […]

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