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Age 16, Niles, Illinois, USA

Right after my big “Sweet 16 Roller Rink Birthday Party” you mouthed off to me. I ignored it at first, not realizing that it was a cry for help. You were upset and needed my attention.

It continued like that for a while until you gave up trying to talk with me. Since it was summer vacation, I was thankful that I could easily avoid you and that I didn’t have to see or deal with you.

You told me that you heard I’d been talking about you to my best friend Margaret, who then turned around and told you everything that I apparently had said.

But I didn’t tell Margaret anything about you.

So I dug in and investigated. I found out that Margaret lied to you. Worst of all, I thought you wanted to ruin my life. But really, you were trying to warn me that Margaret wasn’t a true friend.

I hope you forgive me for everything that I said and did to you.

What did you learn?

To be a better listener. I should have given you a chance to explain. I should have trusted you. Backstabbers aren’t true friends. I now know what’s real friendship.

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