I Took You For A Ride

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I used you. There’s really no denying it.
You thought you were in love with me; I saw it as infatuation. We barely even knew each other. How could you love me after knowing me for only a few weeks?

When you offered to take me on that day trip to the water park, pay for my ticket, agreed that I could bring my friend, and that you’d pay for her ticket, too, I didn’t hesitate. You see, I never really did much outside of my small town and going on this trip was a big deal for me. You seemed like you really wanted to make me happy, and even though I knew we were never going to be more than friends, I let you spend all of that money. Then I was a jerk to you during the trip and spent more time with my friend than I did with you.

I took advantage of your generosity.
I was careless and thoughtless.
It’s one of the most selfish things I’ve ever done.
I’m so incredibly sorry. I should’ve been more gentle with your heart. And paid you back.

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