Sticks and Stones Will Build Your Thrones

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Age 17, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin USA

Dear Me,

I hope you can forgive yourself for the immeasurable amount of hate you packed inside your lungs. You breathed it in and stored it in your lungs. You let the hate grow like a garden full of thorns that ripped you apart. You began to say that these thorns are meant to be here and roses would soon appear, but they never did. You were so accustomed to the pain of those thorns that you didn’t want them to leave. Vines enclosed your heart like a cage and nobody dared to step too close.

I hope you can forgive every word said to you that was used to beat. I hope your mind can forgive every thought that was used to cause a massacre to your emotions. You were so used to having emotional pain that you brought a blade down to your skin in the hope that the silver glint would numb the pain you felt inside.

I hope you can forgive the things that happened, the things you had no control over. You want to save everyone from everything, but pain is natural. Pain is a forceful emotion and it will make damn sure that you feel every ounce of its toxicants.

I hope you can forgive me for you and I are the same person. We are only human. We can only heal by letting go and forgiving. Let the thorns go and unravel the vines that enclose us in our cage and let your mind be set free from its chamber of its own regrets. For we can only make a difference now. The past is gone. All we have is now.
Forgive me.

What did you learn?

Letting go is a part of healing.

Response from IHYFM:

I Hope You Forgive Me

Dear “Sticks and Stones Will Build Your Thrones,”
First, thank you so much for submitting this powerful, emotional story!

Wow! Your words…they left us speechless. Though you don’t get into specifics, it’s clear that you’ve been hurt badly by things that you’ve had no control over, including WORDS that have been used to demean, punish, tear at your soul. BUT…

YOU’RE HERE! And we are so grateful for that! Since we don’t walk in your shoes, we truly can never understand the kind of pain you’ve suffered. But we hope you’re tremendously proud of yourself for having the courage, yes COURAGE, to no longer let those thorns stick into you.

You are so right. You can’t change the past. You can’t and aren’t responsible for other people’s choices. You’re taking ownership of your own and moving on. Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was okay. It’s not okay. It just means that you choose to no longer give it any power over you. It means that you’re letting it go and not allowing it to poison your present and future. You’re saying goodbye to the past and hello to the now and what’s to come! So proud of you, but most of all, you should be so proud of YOU! Hold on to your personal power!

We’re cheering you on!!!


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