You Were Like A Mom To Me

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Age 16, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Dear Counselor,

I hope you forgive me when I hurt you.

You were so nice and comforting. You were like a mom to me.

That day was the worst one since I started telling you about what I’ve done. I wanted to push away and escape because I’ve never let anyone that close.

Your office is still my only safe haven and your voice is one of the most comforting.

My BPD was at its highest points next to the suicide attempts.

I hope you have forgiven me. I know it has put a strain on the meetings and I know it hurts. You were one of the only ones who cared about me. I’m still so sorry.

What did you learn?
I learned to never push people you care about and need to be in your life.

Response from IHYFM:

Dear “Like A Mom To Me,”

Thank you so much for sharing. We know it may be hard, but please tell your counselor what you’ve shared with us. Ask her to forgive you. Tell her what you’re feeling and if you’re not sure how to do it, copy your post and give it to her. There’s no doubt she cares about you and you care about her. We’re also really glad you’re getting help to deal with the difficult situations in your life.

Stay strong. Believe in yourself! We’re cheering you on!

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