She Found Me

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Age 17, White Lake, Wisconsin, USA

Little Sister: Part 1
I hope you forgive me

For what I did

I never meant to hurt you

Like I did.


I’ve made you cry

Multiple times

Whenever you’d see my scars

It’d bring tears to your eyes


I hope you forgive me

For pushing you away

For making you feel

Like I don’t love you.


I regret

The decisions

I’ve made that hurt you.


I hope you forgive me

For putting that blade to my skin.

For creating scars



I have scars on the inside

And out.


And I hope you forgive me

For hurting myself.

I hope you forgive me

For hating myself.

For looking in the mirror

Wishing to be someone else.


I hope you can forgive me

For all the times that I’ve cried

And screamed

Wondering what I can do

To stop feeling this way.


Little sister,

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Part 2: Little Girl



That little girl

Staring back at me,

Slowly crying,

Letting tears fall silently down her cheeks.


She hates her image.

Don’t you see?

She doesn’t want to try,

So she only cries.


Loving herself,

She slowly says,

“Is it really worth it?”


That little silver blade

Is her friend.

She slowly glides it

Across her skin.


Little red lines

Show across her arm.

“One more cut,

It won’t do much harm.”


And many cuts later

She falls to the floor.

And that little silver blade

Falls out of her hand and lands next to her.


Her sister gets home

And calls her name.

And when she gets no answer

She walks to your room.

She notices the bathroom door slightly open,

So she slowly walks inside.

And sees you lying there,




She calls 911,

Hoping to save

Her big sister.


The ambulance comes

And takes you away

And leaves your sister

Crying on that bathroom floor.


Days go by

And you’re finally awake

And your little sister

Is sitting on the chair besides.

She ask you one question:

“Why did you do it?”


What do you tell

Your little sister?

You hate yourself

And want to die?

When you’re finally released

Your little sister waits.

She smiles as she walks

You out of the hospital room.


Going home

You suddenly realize

That if it wasn’t for your little sister

You’d probably be dead.

She saved your life.

She cares,

She loves.


So what I’m getting at

Is I hope you can forgive me.

I hope you can forgive me for trying to take my life that night.

I hope you can forgive me for thinking a blade is my only friend.

I hope you can forgive me for hating myself.

And mostly

I hope you can forgive me

For thinking you don’t care.


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